Friday, December 11, 2020

Ebooks Update

Updated June 19, 2021

My ebooks are on Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press, at, complete with descriptions and excerpts.  They're pdf ebooks, all free, and always will be

I should mention the published (not self-published) biography I wrote (free pdf):

The Neglected Giant: Agnes Meyer Driscoll





Everything I've self-published is now on Gutenberg:

Aunt Gabby Saves the Universe





Ghost Mode





Roads Between Worlds






Shadows Between Worlds












Across the Worlds with Aimee and Phineas






Department G



I'll update this entry as I write, revise and ready new works.


Rick Ellrod said...

What about that new 'Gummint Man' opus? I was going to take a look at that one.

Kevin Wade Johnson said...

That one's exclusive to Amazon until Jan 13, 2021. I'll have it posted to the site the next day, and it'll show up a few days after that.

Post-Christmas treat?